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Regulation and Corporate Governance

Ever since the 1990´s and in particular since 9/11 the role of regulation of corporate governance has grown in extent and importance. Any entity that undertakes any form of financial services work needs to fully understand and comply with the regulations or runs the risk of facing serious consequences, both civil and criminal.

However, it is not only financial service businesses that need to consider issues of good corporate governance. In today´s modern business world good internal corporate governance of any business is important to ensure success and avoid the pitfalls that can arise when good practice is ignored.

In this fast moving area a sound knowledge of both the local law and international best practice are required. We understand that trading entities often regard regulation and compliance issues as a burden that costs money yet fails to promote the business.

Our aim when advising clients is to explain the relevant rules and regulations in the clearest possible manner and ensure that their business is compliant acknowledging at all times the practical and commercial considerations of the additional work that compliance entails.

We have experience of advising both existing and new businesses in the Turks and Caicos Islands in all areas of compliance and corporate governance, including;-

We specialize in the following:

  • Licensing

  • Negotiations with the Financial Services Commission;

  • Financial Services Regulation;

  • Anti money laundering policies;

  • Combating terrorist financing;

  • Director´s duties and obligations;

  • Alleged breaches of regulations and enforcement action by the Financial Services Commission.