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Acquisitions and Disposals

We act for both purchasers and sellers of businesses whether by way of share purchase/sale or asset purchase/sale or a combination of the two.

When acting for purchasers we advise on and can undertake full due diligence on the target business. We provide advice on the most efficient structure for the purchase and post sale issues such as shareholder or partnership agreements. Although assessment of risk is always a matter for the client we seek to give a client a full picture of the entity they are looking to purchase so that they can have the clearest idea of any concerns or potential risks with respect to the target entity.

When acting for sellers we seek to deal with enquiries from a purchaser or their attorney efficiently and seek to ensure that the sale is concluded in a timely manner. Where issues are raised by a purchaser that cannot simply be resolved by provision of information we will attempt to provide a solution acceptable to all parties with a view to achieving our client´s goal of concluding the sale.